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Align, strengthen, and activate your personal,
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The Integrus Academy

Sit the Integrus Academy and receive regular Consulting support to help you learn the 12 Keys to Success™ - to improve your business and yourself

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Success Circles

Our fortnightly MASTERMIND sessions will help you APPLY the KNOWLEDGE that you receive from our Accredited Consultants - and you can build supportive relationships with like-minded professionals

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the integrus philosophy

success requires understanding


UNDERSTAND YOURSELF... Integrus, we determine your personality using a proven colour-based process inspired by DiSC - to highlight key behaviours and personal traits. We then use our Life Blend™ model to blend your personal skills alongside our 12 Keys to Success™ - and in so doing, develop your People Skills, your Leadership Skills and enhance your Business Skills



...then using an approach which is unique to Integrus, we apply this colour-based thinking to help you develop your products, your marketing and your sales activities, to ensure that you maximise your success and your efficiencies.



When you enrol to our Integrus Academy™ series of courses, we'll create a custom solution designed for your unique needs and goals, using our innovative 12 Keys to Success™ programme, delivered face-to-face and online by our highly trained team of professional coaches

success is not the key to happiness.
happiness is the key to success.

Peter Sylvester
Founding Partner | Integrus Global


Located in multiple locations across Australia, our team of certified consultants are there to help guide you through the Integrus flagship programme - the 12 Keys to Success™

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